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Tall and solidly built, Enji has a highly powerful build. He has piercing turquoise eyes and short, spiked, scarlet hair around his head. When he deliberately extinguishes the flames on his face, a little bit of stubble can be seen around his jaw. His beard and mustache look like they are made of fire.

He wears a tight, navy-turquoise bodysuit for his superhero outfit, with flames pouring across his chest, upper torso, arms, and, most noticeably, his shoulders. Only the soles and laces of his tall boots are visible around the flames, giving the impression that they are either formed of fire themselves or are continually set ablaze. He wears his flames as a makeshift mask over his eyes.

Endeavor’s outfit was improved when he was declared the No. 1 Pro Hero. His bracers are now fully encircling his arms, and have been modified to seem sharper and armor-like. His fingers are exposed from the base knuckles up, and the grill handguards on the back of his hands have a set of holes in them that, if necessary, may flush a raging torrent of flames out of the back of his hands.

Now, the torso of his bodysuit is covered with broad stripes, the gaps between them totally consumed in flames. In addition, Endeavor changed his belt and added shoulder pads that appeared to be composed of the same material as his bracers. The stylised character meaning “flame” appears on his belt.

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