Spy X Family Twixtor 2nd part episode 1

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Strength: Despite having a small body, Yor is physically monstrously superior to humans. She can hurl her weapons hard enough to splinter through a wooden door and impale someone on the other side. She can easily pierce human heads with them. She has unmatched physical power, and one push from her fists alone can obliterate pumpkins. Yor also had the leg power to lift a woman and her infant up a full floor. She prefers to engage in close combat with her kicks, which have a deadly impact on both humans and moving automobiles at high speeds.

Yor has trouble managing her strength. Yor inadvertently chopped up the cutting board that she was using to chop vegetables while learning to cook from Camilla. She unintentionally sliced a tennis ball during a match against Fiona Frost due to the force of her stroke. Frost, a WISE agent with significant strength, could hardly hold back the ball until her racquet broke, even when she restrained her vigor on her subsequent serve. If Frost had not attempted to strike the ball, she alleged, it would have been launched a mile away.

Yor has a rapid reaction time and is remarkably nimble. She can move quickly enough to intercept and kill another assassin who was quick enough to dodge the Director’s shots while wearing heels, and she can jump and land from great heights with ease, knocking out a furious cow.

She also possesses extraordinarily rapid reflexes, being able to deflect rifle fire with a simple leg motion and catch a falling frying pan. She was able to avoid garden shears from a distance of several feet while paying attention, toss Becky out of the direction of a car, and catch Becky in time.

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