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Yoshino and Shikaku Nara have only one kid, Shikamaru. He once played the game “ninja” as a young child with other kids his age. Chji Akimichi wanted to play with them, but the other kids wouldn’t let him since they thought he was too dim to understand. Shikamaru left the game and went to his favorite area to observe clouds after he couldn’t persuade the other players to let Chji join. When Shikamaru arrived, Chji was sitting in the same location, so he introduced himself and asked Chji to join him in watching the clouds. Shikamaru was asked whether he would want some snacks by Chji.

As soon as they enrolled at Konoha’s Ninja Academy, they were fast friends and would frequently sit together in class and hang out afterward. Shikamaru demonstrated the same lack of interest for the tests he was given and couldn’t be bothered to actually answer the questions, which contributed to his poor grades. Shikamaru had very little interest in the class itself and preferred to spend his time sleeping rather than listening to Iruka Umino’s lessons.

After the passing of his master Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru matures quickly and realizes that the world is not safe and that he cannot be shielded from it forever. Such is the Will of Fire: after avenging Asuma, Shikamaru resolves to do all in his power to improve conditions for next Konoha generations, especially Asuma’s pregnant daughter Mirai.

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