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Anya is a young woman with pale complexion, green eyes, and a small stature. She seems to be at least four or five years old, according to Loid. Her long, oval-shaped emerald eyes with thick eyelashes. She has a strand of ahoge at the top of her head and light pink, shoulder-length hair that curls inwards and has a fringe that sits just over her eyes. Anya is considerably shorter than the majority of her contemporaries, and Damian and his pals frequently make fun of her modest stature.

Anya was dressed simply in a black frock with a white ribbon in the front, white folded-down socks, and black shoes when Loid first encountered her in the orphanage.

Anya is a young child who is easily influenced by everyone around her. For instance, acting in very strange ways and reading Loid’s mind, as well as learning how to punch from Yor. She immediately identified with “Twilight” for being a true spy given that her telepathic gift caused her to be shunned by people and lead to her many foster homes. She wanted to follow Loid wherever he went since she was adopted and wanted to witness the espionage stuff she usually seen on TV. But after what happened in Chapter 1, she realized how dangerous spying can be and ceased interfering with Loid’s spy activity. Being able to spell complex words on her own and doing her best to assist Loid shows that she is highly intelligent.

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