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Sasuke was a cheerful youngster who strived to please others and live up to his clan name. One of Sasuke’s most important relationships is with his elder brother, Itachi, whose name alone may cause Sasuke to lose his normally cool demeanor. When he was younger, Sasuke admired Itachi and preferred his company to that of everyone else. As a baby, he would scream anytime Itachi wasn’t holding him and would quickly become joyful when he was.

Sasuke was devastated not just by the death of the rest of his family when Itachi killed the Uchiha clan, but also by what Itachi revealed to him: that he had never loved Sasuke. Every time they cross paths, Itachi pushes Sasuke to murder Itachi in order to get revenge on their family for years. But at the same time, he was determined to achieve it on his own terms, refusing Itachi’s advice to use the Mangeky Sharingan for power in order to deny Itachi the gratification. With his new perspective, he developed a frigid demeanor toward others, being unaffected and uninterested in what people did or thought of him. He opted to remain to himself instead. He ceased using honorifics, which are seen as impolite in Japanese.

Every time he meets a new person, in his quest for the ability to exact his vengeance, he assesses their abilities. Those he believes to be weaker than himself, he arrogantly disregards, paying them little attention so that they won’t hinder him; those he believes to be stronger, he fixates on and strives to surpass. He is frequently exposed to Kakashi Hatake’s belief that there is power in cooperation as a member of Team 7.

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