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Rumi is somewhat shorter than usual in height and has an athletic body with well-defined arms and legs. Rumi has dark complexion, slightly inward-tilting red eyes, long eyelashes, and straight white hair that she once had beyond her waist but subsequently chopped short.

She wears a set of long, white rabbit ears with a small kink on her head. She also has a white circular tail, which adds to the overall similarity of her appearance to an albino rabbit.

Rumi likes those who speak their minds and are tough enough to do so, even if it leads to conflict. Rumi appears to think that heroes who form teams are cowards since they may be relying on the power of their colleagues rather than their own. She demonstrates her courage and independence as a hero by freely moving around Japan and boldly confronting any villains she encounters.

Rumi isn’t above helping others, despite her abrasive exterior; after witnessing Endeavor and Hawks’ struggle with Hood on the news, she came to their aid. She once asked Endeavor’s assistance in battling a villain, demonstrating that despite her tendency to go it alone, she isn’t averse to doing so. In the Final War, she also helped the squad tasked with eliminating Tomura Shigaraki, but when Katsuki Bakugo, another member of the team, clashed with her overly zealous and brazen demeanor, the two ended up fighting on the battlefield.

Rumi smiles in the face of danger and embraces potentially fatal events with a bright grin. She is continuously looking for the next big adrenaline rush. She refuses to give up, even when greater foes overwhelm her, saying that she is just warming up. Rumi also gives the impression that she lives each day to the fullest and that she would risk her life if it meant furthering the greater good. Even Endeavor, who promised to complete Rumi’s mission and vanquish the criminals in her place when the Rabbit Hero was rendered unable to battle, was impressed by her remarkable commitment and bravery.

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