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Bachira is a young man about Bachira’s height, with an oval-shaped face and a slender body. He has black hair with golden underlights in a bob cut that reaches to the top of his chin (when Bachira was younger his hair was only ear length). In a junior football league, he sported the number 8 jersey. Bachira donned the #8 jersey for Namikaze High, which had a unique bird pattern in the middle, during the Chiba Prefecture Tournament.

Bachira is dressed in a black body suit with gray stripes and a tracksuit for Blue Lock. He donned the #8 blue jersey of Team Z during the First Selection and the #16 red jersey of Team White during the Second Selection. He alternated between wearing the black #7 jersey of Team A and the white and blue #7 jersey of Team C during the Third Selection. He also wore the gray-capped cleats of Team Z.

Bachira wears an official Blue Lock player outfit with the number 8, which is extremely similar to the one on the first cover spread but without the Japan flag, during the Japan U-20 match. Bachira dons one of their outfits while competing for FC Barcha in the Neo Egotist League.

Dribbler: Dribblers are recognized for their close ball handling abilities, which they employ to evade opponents by accelerating quickly and changing direction in an instant. The ability is utilized to open up scoring opportunities for oneself or for other attackers after employing what is sometimes described to as “trickery” to get past the defense of the opposition. A player going on a “mazy run” with the ball, wheeling and twisting to escape opposition tackles and defeating many players, is one of the greatest football spectator spectacles.

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