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Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki’s son Ichigo was born on July 15th, 15 years before he turned into a Shinigami. A few years later, Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki, his sisters, were born. Ichigo attended a karate dojo when he was four years old, where he made friends with Tatsuki Arisawa. Even though Tatsuki often defeated Ichigo in their matches, she always stepped in to protect Ichigo from bullies and to lift his spirits when he was down.

Ichigo was nine years old on June 17th, and he was going home with his mother along one of the overflowing rivers in Karakura Town. Ichigo saw a girl standing close to the river and assumed she was going to dive in. Ichigo hurried in her direction to stop her, unable to distinguish between ghosts and live beings, not realizing the girl was the lure of the Hollow Grand Fisher. Masaki attempted to stop him, but he was unreceptive. Ichigo attempted to grasp the girl, but failed, and briefly lost consciousness. Masaki was laying on top of him as he opened his eyes, covered in blood.

When Ichigo’s inner Hollow is awakened by a significant amount of Quincy Reiatsu, this balance will be upset and Ichigo will be able to merge with his inner Hollow, resulting in a powerful transformation. This balance was established after Ichigo discovered the truth about the origin of his Shinigami powers and reforged his Zanpakut.

Combined Gran Rey Cero-Getsuga Tensh: Ichigo can fire a Gran Rey Cero by using the longer sword of Zangetsu as a substitute second horn and his blood as a catalyst. In addition, he can combine it with a Getsuga Tensh to create a powerful slashing attack strong enough to wound a Soul King-empowered Yhwach. Although the latter quickly shrugged it off, he noted that it was

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