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In Hell, devils are born. All Devils are given a “name” at birth that corresponds to an actual item. Each name is exclusive to the corresponding Devil. Devils arise in accordance with the collective subconscious associated with their names (for example: the Gun Devil appears to be constructed out of guns and has gun related abilities). They incarnate whenever the “name” provokes terror since they are the physical representation of the fear the “name” stands for. Devils who pass away in Hell resurface in the world of humans, and Devils who pass away in the world of humans reappear in Hell, thereby making them immortal.

As their shape and physical makeup are connected to the “name” they carry, devils differ in look and physiology from one another. They typically consist of skin, blood, bones, and internal organs like the intestines. Even though there are many various types of demons, like the tomato, grape, and sea cucumber, they often include human physical characteristics like limbs, eyes, and fingers even while the names they symbolize do not. Although demons may survive by swallowing the blood of other creatures (such as fiends and other devils), they mostly feed on the blood and terror of humans. By ingesting blood and dread, they can swiftly heal their wounds and become stronger.

Due to the fact that eating conventional food won’t help them cure their wounds or give them more strength, even though demons and fiends can also eat other things like fruits and vegetables, most of them reject the idea. Old age also seems to prevent devils from passing away. As long as they are not killed by outside forces, they can thus exist eternally.

Pochita’s background is mostly veiled in mystery, and what little is known about it is revealed by Makima and other devils. He possessed the singular power to consume devils and erase their identities, earning him the nickname “Chainsaw Man” in hell. Chainsaw Man gained the nicknames “The Devil that Devils fear the most” and “The Hero of Hell” for killing demons in this form since they could no longer reincarnate and the horror they symbolize was eliminated.

However, because of his notoriety, he became the target of several demons, who repeatedly murdered him. Despite this, he always managed to recover and resume fighting. His influence caused some devils to love him and follow him, while other devils feared him and fled in an effort to avoid him.

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