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Teenage lad named Denji has blond, unruly hair. He has yellow-brown eyes with bags beneath them, giving him a sleepy and disoriented appearance. His teeth are clearly angular and razor-sharp. He was malnourished as a youngster, which accounts for his slender frame and pronounced ribs. Denji was born without his right eye and numerous other non-essential organs, including a kidney and a testicle. He wore an eyepatch to conceal the missing eye. During this period, he also sports a loose-fitting white tank top, a green jacket, and black slacks.

Denji became into a Full Devil after giving himself up to Makima, entirely abandoning his human consciousness and allowing his devil counterpart to take control. Before the transition, his intestines protrude from his stomach and create a scarf-like or collar-like wrapping around his neck. His body is now black and seems to be coated in armored plates or scales after transforming. The handle on the back of his head is gone, and he now has spikes on his shoulders and back. He grows significantly bigger and thicker, towering above the typical person. Each of his elbow-split arms had two forearms that were each armed with a chainsaw blade.

Denji lacks formal education and social skills owing to his extreme poverty, which makes him rude and ignorant. He comes out as unpleasant and aggressive in a way that is almost juvenile. Despite his flaws, he has a strong sense of empathy for other people and is eager to help those who are in trouble. This demonstrates his good nature and kindness. Denji may not be the brightest person, but he can come up with inventive ways to defeat demons, like setting himself on fire and killing Santa Claus with the light that was released.

Denji isn’t sure what he wants in life after becoming a Public Safety Devil Hunter and meeting his fundamental necessities. Many of Denji’s basic requirements, including accepting risky missions in exchange for some type of sexual fulfillment, were thought to be driven by sexual desire. One of these instances was when he felt up Power in return for saving her cat, but he afterwards understood and lamented that the joy from such personal activities is temporary. Denji worries about losing his ability to feel empathy and bonds after changing. He worries about losing all feeling.

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