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Jin had blond hair, gray-blue eyes, and was a rather well-built man. He had a significant scar on his forehead from a prior event. Over his mouth and at the base of his chin, he had obvious facial hair. He was dressed in a regular set of slacks, boots, and a blue collared shirt over a white tank top.

His bodysuit, which was black and gray and totally enveloped him, and gray boots made up his villainous outfit. His distinctive mask had a gray top half with white eye sockets and a black lower half that covered his lips. Twice also wore bracelets that were red and green, which he used to carry his measuring tapes.

Except for the area covering his lower legs and the gray patterns that seem to form a “T” and “W” across his chest, Twice’s outfit was all black. The “T” is made up of a vertical line rising from the belly and a horizontal line across his upper body. Another line descends to his lower chest, divides to his thighs, and then rises to form a “W” shape at his hips.

Overall Capabilities: Twice was a valuable member of the League of Villains and a reasonably competent villain. His ability to summon reinforcements for both himself and his teammates in battle made his quirk particularly useful in supporting roles. Twice’s Quirk, according to Tomura Shigaraki, is a crucial component of the League’s strategies. Twice was sought after by Overhaul and subsequently the Meta Liberation Army because of his special Quirk.[9][10] In addition to his Quirk prowess, Twice was a talented acrobat with quick reflexes and excellent speed, avoiding an ice wave from one of U.A. The brightest high school pupils.

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