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The older brother of Rin Itoshi, Sae is a football prodigy who is recognized as the finest player in Japan. Sae, who is recognized as one of the top young players in the world, is a part of both the New Generation World 11 and the Real Madrid Youth squad.

Prior to the start of the series, his main objective was to become the best striker in the world and, as a result, the best player in the world. However, after leaving Japan and having the opportunity to play in the professional league in Spain, he changed his dream to that of becoming the best midfielder in the world.

He is only in Japan at the beginning of the series to renew his passport, but after hearing about the Blue Lock, he decides to stay. Later, he joins the Japan U-20 team to compete in the Japan U-20 match against the Blue Lock Eleven. His current condition and location after the Japan U-20 match are unclear.

Sae has always been cold, direct, and extremely serious. He has only ever had time for activities that advance his quest to become the finest striker in the world and has never been concerned with anything else. Sae has a tendency to be haughty and condescending, especially toward those who are older than him and in positions of power within the business. Though narcissistic in his football skills, he has demonstrated the ability to control himself and play his role without unduly attempting to overshadow others.

A playmaker is a player who, via their vision, technique, ball control, inventiveness, and passing skill, directs the attacking play of their team and frequently participates in passing plays that result in goals.

Sae’s play style has been characterized as chilly and methodical. He effectively controls the attack by passing and dribbling to always produce excellent plays for his side. He also closes any holes in the defense by utilizing his vision to get to the most crucial spot. Sae strives to “beautifully” annihilate his opponent with each move he makes, crushing them fast and effectively.

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