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A stunning woman who seems to be in her mid-twenties, Makima is. Her hair is a light red color and is usually pulled back in a loose braid with two longer side bangs that frame her face and reach just past her eyebrows. She has golden eyes with several red circles inside of them. She is wearing a black tie, black slacks, a white long-sleeved shirt, and brown shoes.

On the surface, Makima appears to be a pleasant, sweet, sociable, and friendly lady. She is virtually always seen grinning, and even in times of stress, she exudes confidence and calmness. However, she just uses this as a front to achieve her ultimate objective. Following the passing of Aki Hayakawa, Makima starts to show Denji who she really is. The real Makima is cold, calculating, and treats everyone around her like “dogs” that she may abuse as much as she wants and who must blindly follow her orders.

Makima is incredibly shrewd, chilly, and deceptive. She threatens to kill him if he disobeys her and manipulates Denji by promising him a love and sexual connection. She is ruthless and ordinarily indifferent, and she will go to any lengths to accomplish her objectives, even if it means sacrificing the people she ought to be defending.

Like Gun Devil, who is controlled by Americans, Makima recognizes that she is not a decent person and views herself as a “necessary evil” weapon for the Japanese government. She doesn’t worry that her plans may go awry since she will succeed in achieving her goals, success or failure.

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