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Demon Form
Power looks like a young woman with hair that is around mid-back length. In manga images, her hair can range in hue from blonde to pink, while in the anime, it is shown as blonde with a pinkish undertone. She is a demon, with light red horns sticking out from the top of her head, sharp teeth with distinct fangs, and cross-shaped red and yellow eyes. Power may grow new pairs of horns from the sides of her head and her horns can get bigger and more curved if she loses too much blood.

She takes on the shape of a towering, four-armed Blood Devil with a mainly lighter body. Her teeth are pointy and black in tone, and she has two round eyes with cross-shaped pupils. She also has long horns, resembling how her fiend form looked with too much blood, and longer hair in this form. Her chest has an open rib cage showing a chest cavity full of intestines up to her neck. Her arms have dark coloration from hand to elbow. She has four-fingered hands and large claws. Her legs have the same dark coloration from the mid-thigh down, ending in heel-like feet.

Power is immature, rapacious, and nearly wholly self-serving. She often fights with the expectation of winning and never hesitates to leave a situation where she is clearly outmatched[6]. Because she is a fiend, she feels the need to extol her superiority over the other Devil Hunters. She freely acknowledges that she has no loyalty to either humans or devils and will support the victorious side. Power relishes the adrenaline rush of a battle to display her power and establish her superiority over everyone. She became delighted as she faced a horde of zombies and ordered Denji to pay close attention as she defeated them all by herself.

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