Aki Hayakawa Twixtor 4k (Chainsaw Man)

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Aki Hayakawa was a charming young man with blue eyes and medium-length black hair. He typically wore a topknot for his hair. He frequently donned a suit and tie as a Public Safety Devil Hunter. He wore jewelry and typically wore his sword over his back.

Demon Form

He became the Gun Fiend after the Gun Devil gained control of his body. His hair was let down, and he had black veins covering his forehead and eyes. Aki’s left forearm had been replaced with an M16A1, and the barrel and slide of a M1911 could be seen poking out of his face between his eyes and the gun’s hammer coming out of the back of his skull.

Aki gives off the impression of being a very stoic guy. When he is around his fellow Devil Hunters, he presents a mature and somewhat gruff persona; nevertheless, he is truly rather sensitive. He tends to become connected to people easily and despises seeing them suffer, especially his close pals. Himeno refers to him as a “normal person,” in contrast to many of his colleagues, because he still laments the deaths of loved ones and hasn’t grown cynical enough to shut off his emotions. Despite this, he is adamant, and his desire for vengeance for his family is what drives him to murder the Gun Devil. However, he is

The main reason he and Denji originally didn’t get along was that he doesn’t appreciate individuals who don’t take their role as Devil Hunters seriously or who battle for a purely material aim, like money or, in Denji’s case, the ability to touch some boobs. A cruel person himself, Aki claims that he always makes sure the devils he murders suffer so that they die slowly and painfully. He may be scary with someone he still doesn’t trust completely, like when he threatened Denji by threatening to murder him without hesitation if he betrayed them or sided with other devils.

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