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Tomura is a slender man with pale complexion, teeth that have a hint of yellow, and many lines around his eyes. He has a little mole behind his right lip, chapped lips, and obvious scars under his right lip and around his right eye. His untidy grayish-blue hair is left falling over his face in unruly waves, with the largest strands reaching approximately his shoulders. He generally covers his lips and eyes, but when they are seen, they are frequently extended out in a manic way, with tiny, bright red irises.

Interestingly, Tenko looked much like Izuku Midoriya when he was five years old; his blue hair had previously been dark black in hue, and his gray eyes had replaced his red ones. Although his lips appeared to be in good health, he also had dry skin patches around his eyes. His appearance changed once his quirk appeared, giving him a wrinkled face, more light blue hair, and red eyes that gradually transformed after the first manifestation.

When dressed in civilian clothes, he consistently dons basic red sneakers identical to Izuku’s, black jeans that show off his ankles, and a long-sleeved v-neck shirt in the same color.

Tomura calls his father’s left hand, which he uses to grasp and conceal his face, “Father,” and which he occasionally carries in his pocket. Tomura’s right hand was unintentionally damaged by him, so Kyudai had to manufacture a replacement; this hand is attached to his mother’s pair by two red cords and is later revealed to be from his paternal grandmother, Nana Shimura. Tomura was then given this replacement hand to hold on top of his head. Except for one, all of the hands have either been lost or destroyed. With the exception of the jacket, Tomura simply wears his ordinary black clothing. The red tennis sneakers he formerly wore have since been ruined.

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