Team X vs Team Z Blue Lock Episode 3 Twixtor 4k

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Baro has an arrogant demeanor and sees himself as superior to others since he believes he is “the King.” Baro first thought of everyone else on the field as acting in supporting roles, moving to further his own objectives, with him being the star of the show. Although he is fixated on playing his own kind of soccer, he doesn’t genuinely like or have a passion for it. The desire to compete with other soccer players and utilize his goals to remove and replace them as the major actor drives Baro. Baro thinks that only the strong can enjoy the pleasure gained via this.

After his symbolic defeat to Isagi, when he believed he lost his role as the primary character, Baro changed the tone of his own ideology to one that was more malevolent. He is now prepared to play the “villain” if it means regaining that position. Despite this new nasty attitude, Baro evolved as a result of the game, being ready to accept defeat and questioning Isagi about the style of soccer he wanted to play. Despite Isagi being selected for the Blue Lock Eleven, Baro was clearly displeased and has since remained focused while waiting to play. Baro still exhibits his extremely critical and nasty behavior when he is ultimately substituted in to play for the Japan U-20 team.

Baro is a perfectionist when it comes to maintaining control over his routine and environment, which is in line with his compulsive nature. He maintains order all the time, organizing and cleaning his Blue Lock apartment, and becomes enraged with others who don’t. This includes policing how people behave in the bathroom as well. Baro is focused and stoic in his training, where he is very attentive.

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