[4K] Ichigo vs Quilge Vollständig Twixtor Clips

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The top of Quilge’s head has a crop of black hair and is mostly shaven. He wears circular eyewear with a built-in two-way radio that enables him to communicate with the Wandenreich’s headquarters even while he is within Hueco Mundo. With white pants, black boots, and a white shirt secured by a black belt with an ornate buckle, he dons a variation of the standard Wandenreich outfit. Additionally, he is covered with a short white cloak and a white hat with a black peak and gold trim.

Quilge observes the captives being lined up in the Jagdarmee camp in Hueco Mundo as they await selection. When one of his aides informs Quilge of anything, he gets up and commands his prisoners to pay attention. He reveals that they would kill one hostage after another in a succession in a selection tournament to determine which one survives. They must go on their knees and lick his boots if they want to live. He stabs an Arrancar who speaks up and informs them all that following selection they would all have to take another admissions exam.

Then he employs the Sklaverei method, which enables him to graft Ayon’s physical body onto him after actually removing the elements of reishi that make up his spiritual body. With Cyan Sung-Sun utilizing her talent Muda to conceal Yasutora Sado, Orihime Inoue, and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, the Tres Bestia flee. The power fails to stop Quilge, who then assaults the two Arrancar. Then, before being assaulted by Ichigo, he turns his attention to Chad and Orihime and starts to try to absorb them as well. Quilge makes an effort to take Ichigo’s Bankai, but is unsuccessful. Ichigo queries Quilge on why he and Asguiaro Ebern sought to seal Quilge’s Bankai as Quilge tries to deal with Ichigo’s strength and quickness.

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