[4K] Chainsaw Man vs Bat Devil Twixtor Clips

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first manifestation
The Bat Devil has wide, round eyes and many fangs that resemble those of a gigantic humanoid bat. Skin flaps that act as wings link his arms to his body. He was missing one arm before his entrance, but it came back when he drank Denji’s blood. He carried a birdcage on a chain around his neck while imprisoning Meowy and kept the cat inside.

Secondly Manifested
After dying, the Bat Devil came back to Earth with a new look, including enormous, bulging eyes and larger, unbalanced fangs.

The Bat Demon is shocked to learn that Denji appears to be a devil as Denji amputates the arm that the Bat Devil had recently developed. Denji frightens a bystander into fleeing their conflict as they fall through the top of a municipal structure. The fact that another demon would permit a person to escape perplexes the Bat Devil. The Bat Devil is subsequently forced from the building by Denji using his chainsaws, and the two start fighting outside. In an effort to help the person, the Bat Devil picks up a vehicle to throw towards Denji. Denji grabs the automobile, but he chooses to return it to the Bat Devil rather than save the person inside.

The Bat Devil turns into a cannon out of wrath and launches Denji into the building behind him. He scoops up a person in an attempt to consume their blood and regenerate, but Denji comes out of the wreckage unharmed. The Bat Devil, who is terrified of Denji, tries to hit him one final time, but Denji hooks his chainsaw into his arm and rides it up to the Bat Devil’s head, where it kills the Bat Devil by chopping him to pieces.

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