Power Twixtor Clips (Chainsaw Man Episode 3)

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Power looks like a young woman with hair that is around mid-back length. In manga images, her hair can range in hue from blonde to pink, while in the anime, it is shown as blonde with a pinkish undertone. She is a demon, with light red horns sticking out from the top of her head, sharp teeth with distinct fangs, and cross-shaped red and yellow eyes. Power may grow new pairs of horns from the sides of her head and her horns can get bigger and more curved if she loses too much blood.

Power typically dress in the required slacks, dress shirt, and tie for Public Safety Demon Hunters. She typically dresses with breast pads to enlarge her bust. She nearly usually has her jacket falling halfway off her body giving her an unkempt, half-dressed image.

She takes on the shape of a towering, four-armed Blood Devil with a mainly lighter body. Her teeth are pointed and dark in color, and she has two round eyes with cross-shaped pupils. In this form, she also has longer hair and long horns that resemble how her fiend form appeared when it had too much blood. Her chest is exposed by an open rib cage, revealing a hollow filled with intestines that extends to her neck. From her hands to her elbows, her arms are darkly colored. She has hands with four fingers and huge claws. Her legs are the same dark tone from mid-thigh to her heel-like feet, where they finish.

Power has a great deal of affection for her cat, Meowy, despite the fact that she originally wanted to eat him and cared for him simply to fatten him up so that he might be a more appetizing meal. Denji’s life would have been forfeited if it meant keeping him from the Bat Devil. She grew dejected and felt for Denji before allowing herself to be eaten after she believed Meowy was dead after being devoured by the Bat Devil.

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