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Zenitsu is a little lad of normal height, fair skinned, with eyes that slant downward in fear and change color from soft brown to gold. He has irregular bangs that fall in front of his face and are short, yellow hair of varied lengths that is squarely chopped off at the ends where it fades to a darker orange tint. Zenitsu’s hair was black before he became a Demon Slayer, but after he was struck by lightning while undergoing training, it changed into the color it is now.

His limbs momentarily shrunk as a result of the Spider Demon (Sonpoison )’s for a while during the battle at Mount Natagumo, but were later able to grow back to normal thanks to the medication provided to him by Shinobu Kocho.

Zenitsu comes across as a coward since he frequently argues that his deadly work as a Demon Slayer is the reason he won’t live very long. Despite his power, he also has a poor sense of self-worth and even thinks of himself as being useless, as seen by the time he convinced himself that Shoichi, a little youngster without any particular demon-slaying skills, had killed the demon since he couldn’t believe he had killed it.

Nevertheless, despite these flaws, Zenitsu still aspires to live up to the standards others have set for him and will put up his best effort when called upon. He has a great deal of respect and regard for his fellow soldiers and his late master Jigoro Kuwajima, and when he is in a tight spot, his inner urge to exact revenge on him helps to wipe away his timidity and second thoughts. Zenitsu despises himself for being a coward and an idiot, and he truly tries to become a better person.

Zenitsu is also seen to be somewhat of a womanizer, motivated by a desire to avoid being alone should he be slain. This womanizing attitude is seen to overpower his meek demeanor, especially when he perceives his friends are “flirting” with pretty females, he soon snaps and goes in extended hysterical rants and complains. He frequently asks girls he finds attractive to marry him, much to their chagrin. Zenitsu often expresses his love for Nezuko and defends her as if it were instinct, giving the impression that he is deeply in love with her. He also exhibits physical aggression during these moments, lashing out at them out of rage.

In an effort to avoid being alone should he be slain, Zenitsu is also demonstrated to be a bit of a want tobe womanizer. He often asks pretty females to marry him, much to their displeasure. This womanizing attitude overrides his gentle disposition, especially when he feels his colleagues are “flirting” with attractive girls; he soon snaps and launches into lengthy hysterical rants and complains. Zenitsu often expresses his devotion for Nezuko and rushes to defend her as if on instinct, giving the impression that he has a great crush on her. He is also shown to get physically hostile during these times, strike out at them in annoyance.

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