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Taiju is a powerful, extremely tall man who effortlessly towers above others. He is now the second-tallest figure shown. His long, curly hair, which is blue and white, was knotted up. He dons a special version of the Black Dragon outfit, with a crimson, lengthier uniform jacket. He keeps the jacket of his uniform open, exposing his chest. On the left side of his neck down to his chest, he has swirled tribal tattoos, and below that, cursive tattoos. On his back, there is a large cross tattoo. When battling or enthusiastic, he smiles crazily and makes all kinds of strange facial expressions, such as opening one eye wider than the other and a vein in his forehead protruding.

Taiju is violent, abusive, and mystical. He takes pleasure in torturing his rivals and shows no concern for the welfare of anybody else, not even his own siblings. He transformed the 10th Generation Black Dragon gang into an army by training them. Taiju was extremely cruel to his siblings, often beating them for little matters. He is a haughty person who is confident in the superiority of his combat skills and the might of his gang. He is also immensely captivating, winning the hearts of all of his fans. Taiju is a devout Christian despite his intimidating demeanor and violent temperament. Every year on Christmas, he attends church by himself to pray. Taiju really cares for his two brothers, but his overprotectiveness turned into cruelty.

Fighting skills
Taiju is a warrior with incredible strength. His strikes are devastating, and he has amazing stamina. Elites of Toman, who were skilled warriors in their own right, were easily destroyed by Taiju. Even though Mikey intentionally absorbed that hit, he was the only guy in the series to successfully knock down Manjiro Sano with only one strike. He survived a knife stab wound and continued to fight many foes. He also awoke fast after Mikey’s famous kick, which was delivered with full power. However, Taiju clearly never took the time to refine fighting tactics because he was unmatched owing to his overwhelming natural strength, therefore he fights in a harsh and brutal fashion, having been able to employ brute force. One of the strongest characters in the series is Taiju. His punch has thrown opponents many feet or rendered them unconscious. With one arm, he easily raised and threw a pew. Takemichi Hanagaki even noted that he had never experienced a punch as powerful as Taiju’s. The main causes of his defeat against Mikey were this and his exaggerated confidence in his physical prowess.

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