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Long ago, Yoichi, the younger brother who appeared to be Quirkless, was forced to acquire a Quirk by All For One, a guy who had the ability to take and transfer the quirks of others. He was able to store power within of himself thanks to this quirk. Yoichi, however, already possessed a Quirk with the sole ability to be transmitted to another person, which none of them were aware of. One For All is the result of the union of the transference quirk and the power stockpiling quirk.

Yoichi sought to beat All For One after learning of his newly discovered power out of a great sense of justice, but owing to the vast disparity in their strength, he was unable. He made the decision to give the Quirk to the heroes of the future.

While her disciple and successor to One For All, Toshinori, engaged All For One at least twice, winning both engagements but suffering severe injuries in the process, Nana, the seventh user, was the last holder to be murdered by his hand. Despite his wounds and Sir Nighteye’s entreaties, he kept battling for a further six years before choosing a replacement. This would bring his tenure as One For All’s wielder to a total of 40 years. Later, as he was looking into the former One For All wielders, he came upon Hikage’s demise. Toshinori guessed that he’d been able to utilize One For All for so long, but he wasn’t really convinced of it at the time.

After great thought went into selecting a replacement, and just before he was set to start teaching at U.A. Izuku, a Quirkless youngster exactly as he was, is encountered by him to assist him in his search for a successor. He selects Izuku to be the ninth and current wielder because he is moved by Izuku’s desire to become a hero and by his altruistic character. Due to the realization that the power could only be used by someone who was initially Quirkless, Yoichi claims he may also be the final one. Through nine generations, the Quirk was handed on, getting stronger each time. One For All is one of the strongest quirks available right now, but it’s incredibly hard to properly master.

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