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Isagi is an average-sized, muscular adolescent who is growing into a stronger, more defined-looking body. In the manga (and the anime), he has short, dark blue hair that forms a V-shaped fringe around his dark blue eyes.

He donned a white undershirt, a striped tie, and an unbuttoned blazer to Ichinan High School. The gym uniform and Ichinan High jersey are both light-colored with black stripes.

He donned Team Z’s blue #11 jersey and gray-capped cleats for the First Selection. He wore Team White’s #15 jersey at Second Selection, then Team A’s #15 black jersey for the Blue Lock Eleven tryouts. With the exception of the Japan flag during the Japan U-20 match, lsagi wears an official blue colored Blue Lock player outfit with the number 11, which is quite similar to the ones featured in the first cover spread. Isagi often dons the Bastard München kit in red, black, and gold as number 11 for Team Germany.

Isagi is laid-back and typically cheerful and sociable, yet many around him sometimes find his basic and innocent tendencies irritating. He usually steers clear of any pointless arguments amongst Blue Lock rivals. Due to his initial ranking as the second-lowest player in Blue Lock and his contrasting views on football, Isagi is quite doubtful about himself and his abilities at the beginning of the game. Isagi gradually grows more confident both on and off the field, becoming the cornerstone of Team Z and earning the respect of some of the finest players in Blue Lock, who are primarily very confident or dominant people. By Third Selection, Isagi is self-assured.

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