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Bachira is a young man about Bachira’s height, with an oval-shaped face and a slender body. He has black hair with golden underlights in a bob cut that reaches to the top of his chin (when Bachira was younger his hair was only ear length). In a junior football league, he sported the number 8 jersey. Bachira donned the #8 jersey for Namikaze High, which had a unique bird pattern in the middle, during the Chiba Prefecture Tournament.

Bachira is dressed in a black body suit with gray stripes and a tracksuit for Blue Lock. He donned the #8 blue jersey of Team Z during the First Selection and the #16 red jersey of Team White during the Second Selection.

Bachira has a rather odd behavior and personality. He describes soccer as a game that is enjoyable to play with others and is typically extremely energized, upbeat, and enthusiastic during matches. Bachira is inspired by Ravinho’s style of play and instantly connects with him since he is similarly unconventional and vivacious. He has a propensity to nod off at odd times, as was evident at the beginning of the tag test when he was discovered dozing off. He frequently oversleeps and needs Isagi or Kuon to wake him up. He then nods off during their team meetings and has been known to do so while eating. Beginning with the Neo Egoist League,

Because of the aggressive bullying he had as a youngster due to his quirky nature and excellent football ability, he developed a sort of trauma that makes him afraid of being alone himself. Because of this trauma, Bachira makes up a “monster” imaginary companion, especially a football monster, who inspires him to make plays in the game. Bachira begins dealing with his trauma only after arriving in Blue Lock because he meets others who are like him and whom he can refer to as friends, such as Yoichi Isagi. Despite having a rather odd disposition, Bachira may be seen casually making friends with a variety of characters, including Isagi, Rin, Chigiri, and Kunigami.

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