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Due to her physical strength, devilish powers, cunning and manipulative disposition, Makima is one of the strongest characters in the Chainsaw Man universe. She is dreaded by humans, demons, and fiends everywhere, which strengthens her abilities as a devil. Other nations outside America have already given up attempting to combat her, claims the president of the United States.

Makima is a demon, hence she has all the devil-specific skills. These include the capacity to enter into agreements with people. She is able to compel people to get into a contract with her since she has the power to influence others. In exchange for working for the Japanese government, Makima entered into a contract with the Prime Minister of Japan. Because of this agreement, any fatal injuries to Makima are converted into a suitable disease or ailment afflicting a random Japanese person. She was depicted as having been shot in the back of the head and appearing to have died, but she eventually stood up with no obvious injuries.

Given the position of the gun when it was shot and the location of the blood from the exit wound, she claimed that the bullet just grazed her. However, this seems implausible. She was later slain by the Gun Devil when it shot her in the head, which clearly did not kill her. It is known that prior to the Gun Devil attack, she had been slain 26 times. Later, at their final encounter, Pochita also kills her many times.

Makima has demonstrated the ability to aggressively control an intangible force in a number of ways that are akin to Darkness Devil. Simply gazing at her vulnerable prey will cause internal harm with her force. She may employ her power in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstance, including;
She has demonstrated the ability to crush her victim with an unseen force from a great distance. In order to use this technique, Makima appears to require a higher place such as a shrine, the name of a target and a human sacrifice. Makima forms a symbol with her hands and instructs the sacrifice

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