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In comparison to the freshmen working under her, Himeno was seen as a responsible and knowledgeable superior. She typically exudes a positive energy and was able to maintain her composure in the face of intense pressure, such as the opening exchanges of her group’s conflict with the Eternity Devil. Himeno encouraged Denji by giving him a french kiss, suggesting that she is at least somewhat aware of those around her and is prepared to use unconventional methods to get the greatest results from him.

Himeno’s performance as a Devil Hunter was demonstrated to be quite effective and direct. She very instantly used her Ghost Devil to defeat a little and seemingly inconsequential Devil.

Himeno was seen to be a kind and sympathetic individual. She wanted to not betray Denji on their first assignment together, demonstrating her concern for the safety of her fellow Devil Hunters. In a brief flashback scenario, Himeno was shown to have great tolerance and patience for individuals who are in need when a late partner’s ex-girlfriend became angry and smacked her.

Despite her upbeat demeanor, Himeno had a very negative outlook on the world because of the numerous unexpected deaths of partners she had experienced while working. She subsequently developed a nicotine addiction as a coping technique because of the teachings of her teacher and the understanding that Devil Hunters frequently pass away as a result of their profession. Himeno even went so far as to persuade Aki, a new member, to start smoking, arguing that since Devil Hunters often don’t survive long enough to experience the harmful side effects of continued tobacco usage.

Himeno had a tight relationship with Aki, who she had trained as a new recruit. Himeno actually believed that the negative repercussions of Aki wielding his sword were so severe that it would be worthwhile to sacrifice Denji to stop them. This illustrates how important Aki’s welfare was to her.

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