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As a devil, Power has all of the typical devil abilities, including the capacity to make contracts with humans for a fee, the capacity to restore her health by ingesting blood, the capacity to take over a dead person’s body and their consciousness, the capacity to become a fiend, and the capacity to resurrect in Hell after being killed. However, it’s possible that Power was merely bragging.

Power now only has a single contract, which is with Denji. In return for her promise to locate and befriend the Blood Devil’s reincarnation, Power offered Denji her blood. Denji disrupted Makima’s regeneration by using her blood to make a blood chainsaw.

Enhanced Speed: Power is a swift fighter, able to strike Denji when she turned on him while dodging Denji’s own swing. She was able to elude the Katana Man’s sight while he shot the demon hunters before striking him with an uppercut that he couldn’t parry .
Power has an enhanced sense of smell, and while Denji was unaware, she was able to pick up the fragrance of blood and pursue it in order to find the Sea Cucumber Devil .

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