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He is the League of Villains’ commander and the main opponent of the USJ arc. This is his first significant appearance. His master, All For One, nurtured him with the intention of killing All Might, the “Symbol of Peace,” and ultimately wiping out the civilization he stands for. As the Paranormal Liberation Front’s Grand Commander and subsequent inheritor of the All For One Quirk, he quickly combined his group with the Meta Liberation Army to form it.

As he starts to meld with the All For One vestige into a new being, he is currently struggling to maintain control over his body.

By the time of the Final War, Tomura and All For One’s thoughts have almost completely fused, resulting in a being that combines elements of both of their motivations: All For One’s ambition to reign over everyone and everything, and Tomura’s nihilism and desire to destroy everything. A other entity, that of Tomura’s former form as a young Tenko, is there, nonetheless, deep within the remnant.

Izuku said that he could hear a wailing kid within Tomura during their first encounter in the vestige realm, and later, after the Star and Stripe combat, Tenko is shown to be encircled by an onslaught of hands while contemplating Izuku. Lemillion unwittingly brings out Tenko’s attitude during the battle with the Heroes when he asserts that he has no friends, a position that Tomura vehemently refutes. This suggests that a part of Tomura still desires to be saved and that the scared, lonely person he once was hasn’t entirely vanished.

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