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Yamamoto is an average-sized, fair-skinned guy. He has matured into an old man with a bald head, obvious wrinkles, a hooked nose, and prominent cheekbones. He is the oldest commander in the Gotei 13. He has red eyes, long eyebrows, a lengthy mustache, and a white beard that is hip-length and is held in place by a purple band that runs down it. He has numerous scars on his body, the two most noticeable of which are a pair of long scars crossing above his right eye, one of which was caused by his battle with his lieutenant. In addition to wearing the standard Shinigami uniform, he also drapes a captain’s long-sleeved haori over his back rather than wearing it, greatly exaggerating its size. Despite his appearance of age and frailty.

Yamamoto was bald on top and had black hair on the sides of his head when he was considerably younger. He had a topknotted tuft of hair on the back of his head. He had a strong mustache but no beard, and heavy but more controllable eyebrows. He had a single huge scar on his forehead, and because of the way it looked, people began calling him “Eijisai.” He had shallow cheekbones and a deep wrinkle on his forehead and below his eyes. He was dressed in the traditional black of a Shinigami, with the addition of a properly worn sleeveless captain’s haori.

Yamamoto was the “Genry” founder and chief teacher of the “Genji School” about 2,100 years ago. At some point, Yachiru Unohana, the most evil criminal of Soul Society and a skilled swordswoman, was recruited by Yamamoto to join the Gotei 13 as one of its founding captains. Shunsui Kyraku and Jshir Ukitake were directly trained by Yamamoto, who was an instructor at this institute. He acknowledges that he is proud of the two of them. He boasted about them as though they were his sons when they rose to the rank of captain.

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