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The Fox Devil excitedly requests Aki Hayakawa’s permission to eat the Leech Devil’s head without any qualms about murdering and devouring other demons.

The Fox Devil accepts contracts from many Devil Hunters since it gets along well with people. But it only allows handsome individuals to summon its head, revealing a somewhat shallow aspect.

Aki Hayakawa summons the Fox Devil to decapitate the Leech Devil after the Leech Devil has defeated Denji and is about to eat him. He does this by molding his hand into the shape of a fox’s head. The Leech Devil is allowed to be eaten and swallowed by the Fox Devil, who then does so before dissipating in a cloud of smoke.

Aki Hayakawa, Himeno, Denji, and Power are ambushed by the Katana Man, and Aki summons the Fox Devil’s head to swallow him whole. However, the Katana Man slashes himself out of the Fox Devil’s skull in a fountain of blood as the Fox Devil gripes that Aki forced it to consume something hideous that is neither human nor devil.

Later, Aki tries to call the Fox Devil in the hospital, but it stays away. According to Kurose, since Aki misused the Fox Devil’s power carelessly, it is likely that it won’t allow him to use it again.

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