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In both the anime and the colorful manga, Kobeni is a little young lady with short brown hair that is pulled back into a ponytail. Brown eyes with white pupils are hers.

Four moles can be seen on her face: one on the left cheek, one in the lower right corner of her lips, and two beneath her left eye. She typically sports two hair clips and a business attire.

She wore an older sister’s hand-me-down dress to the newbie welcome party, and a few other devil hunters thought it was adorable.

Kobeni has very little courage and is extraordinarily cowardly. She was speechless and immobilized with fear during her first encounter with the Eternity Devil. When the party becomes stuck in the hotel and she is faced with the danger of them all starving to death without any help, she is seen to readily crumble under strain and bursts into tears.

Her anxiety drives her to take extreme measures to protect herself, such turning on Denji and holding him at knifepoint once after the devil offered to set her free in return for Denji’s life. She even went so far as to claim that Hirokazu Arai was a devil’s agent when the latter supported Power against Kobeni’s irrational claims.

Kobeni’s parents only ever bought her an ice cream for her birthday while she was in elementary school. She claimed that the first bite was so delicious that she ran, stumbled, and spilled the ice cream.

Kobeni’s parents had her work so that she could help her older brother pay for college, which is in part how she ended up being a demon hunter. Kobeni decided to join Public Safety despite intending to attend college when given the option of becoming a devil hunter or a sex worker.

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