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Aizen had a somewhat built appearance when he was a member of the Gotei 13, with soft brown eyes and brown hair that was emphasized by square spectacles. He was dressed in the typical Shinigami garb with a captain’s haori. When he reached Hueco Mundo, he took off his spectacles, ran his fingers through his hair, and exposed his frightening eyes. His hair had also undergone a significant change; it was now brushed back with a strand flowing down his face.

Aizen first covers his shihakush with Arrancar-style clothing in Hueco Mundo. Aizen dons full clothing resembling the Arrancar after being brought to Las Noches, complete with a pink sash around the waist.

Aizen is a courteous, soft-spoken academic who frequently addresses his subordinates by their first names. He hardly ever displays any signs of anxiety or discomfort and frequently has entire scenarios planned out well in advance. When challenged, Aizen is careless and informal, trying to strike up a conversation and make small chat, which frequently enrages the person he is speaking to.

Many people, notably his lieutenant Momo Hinamori, looked up to Aizen at first since he seemed to be a very nice, well-respected commander. This was only a cover to hide his extremely cunning manipulating character. In reality, he doesn’t give a damn about his subordinates and is happy to use almost everyone in his vicinity as a pawn to further his agenda.

Aizen joined the 5th Division, led by Captain Shinji Hirako, at an unspecified period in the past. Even before Kisuke Urahara, he dedicated his time to the study and development of the Hgyoku. In order to do this, he offered hundreds of Shinigami and hundreds of Rukongai residents who possessed Shinigami skills as sacrifices to his own Hgyoku, but it was unsatisfied. A young Gin Ichimaru once observed Aizen meeting with three other Shinigami as they were bowed down before him. The Hgyoku was handed to Aizen by one of the Shinigami, who then had Aizen place the orb in a glass and return it to the Shinigami. An unconscious Rangiku Matsumoto was left nearby by Aizen and his men.

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