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A leg ailment once held forward Chigiri back, but while at Blue Lock, he overcame his worries and was able to play football with all of his heart. Chigiri was a member of Team Z when he first arrived at Blue Lock. He spent the first half of the First Selection avoiding participation or keeping it to a minimum, but after being inspired by Isagi in Team Z’s third game, he made the decision to let go of his fear and play football in an effort to catch up to his rivals and become the best striker in the world.

He is currently playing left wing for Manshine City in the Neo Egoist League after the Japan U-20 game.

Chigiri is a young, lanky man with deep pink eyes and reddish pink hair. Chigiri has had a highly feminine face his whole life, as seen by his long eyelashes and gentle facial features. Because of his feminine looks and ninja-like agility, he is frequently referred to as “Kunoichi” or “Princess.” He shares a striking resemblance with his mother and elder sister. Before letting it grow to shoulder length some time after starting high school, Chigiri’s hair was usually just neck long. The one long bang in Chigiri’s hair, which extends over his shoulders and sweeps to the right side of his face.

Young and lanky, Chigiri has reddish pink hair and deep pink eyes. Chigiri’s long eyelashes and delicate facial characteristics reveal that he has always had a very feminine look. He has a strong resemblance to his mother and older sister, and is sometimes called “Kunoichi” or “Princess” because of his feminine appearance and ninja-like quickness. Chigiri’s hair was generally simply neck long till she let it grow to shoulder length some time after beginning high school. Chigiri’s hair has a single, long bang that crosses his shoulders and sweeps to the right side of his face.

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