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Character/Scene Info

A thin young woman of ordinary height, Yuzuriha has black hair that is pulled back in a bun and secured with a hairpin. Yuzuriha has several scars all over her body, which she acquired from her past and concealed using a covering of mucus to function as her skin, it was exposed after her struggle with Ran.

She started off dressed like a kunoichi, which had a sleeveless dark shirt, a white obi around her waist, and dark slacks with openings at the sides. She kept her top conspicuously little open, exposing the most of her cleavage. She wore a bandage on her right wrist and had arm bands carrying kunai on both of her arms.

Yuzuriha changed into a green cheongsam with yellow peony flower designs and a breast opening after entering Hrai and experimenting on several attires. After Ran wrecked her old cheongsam, she subsequently changed into a new one.

A year after leaving the island, Yuzuriha wears a floral-patterned yukata and a dark haori. She also lets her hair fall back into a ponytail rather than wearing hairpins.

Yuzuriha appears to be amiable and easygoing with others, with a disposition akin to that of an ordinary adolescent girl, but her actual character is that of a wholly egocentric person. Yuzuriha, having utilized their partnership agreement, wherein only he was responsible for dealing the enemy, to pull one over him, decided to observe from the sidelines and refused to assist Gabimaru when he asked. After he left for Hrai, she was likewise hesitant to go look for him. Another instance of this occurred when, despite Senta’s prior protection of her from the Kiyshi, she ducked one of Mu Dan’s projectiles knowing that it would strike Senta behind her.

Yuzuriha is a kunoichi and can use ninjutsu. Her major skill is the capacity to secrete copious amounts of bodily fluid that she can control. She often uses this power to link the body fluid into strings that she can use to bind or slice her adversaries. By drinking one of her potions, Yuzuriha’s body fluid is added with a certain property, such as corrosive poison, depending on which potion she takes. The fluid is very resilient and can act as a sort of armor to prevent injuries from approaching attacks. Her strings have cutting power strong enough to cut her opponents in half and shred their bodies to pieces Yuzuriha

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