Genya And Tanjiro Vs Hantengu Upper Moon 4 Twixtor clips

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Character/Scene Info.

Genya was a rude and irritable youngster who shunned assistance from others and showed little interest in being kind or being nice in general. During the Final Selection, he angrily treated Kanata Ubuyashiki by yanking her hair and yelling at her louder, which caused Tanjiro Kamado to break his arm. He resembles his older brother Sanemi Shinazugawa in terms of his short fuse and blunt demeanor.

Genya’s true desire, nevertheless, is to be accepted by his bigger brother. When Genya discovered the real reason Sanemi killed his mother, he tried to apologize to him again but was consistently rebuffed. He loves his brother so much that he refers to him as the nicest guy in the entire planet.

Demonic Transformation: Genya might momentarily acquire demonic traits by ingesting the living flesh of a demon. He could get regeneration and physical strength equivalent to one, depending on his strength. Genya is capable of momentarily defeating Aizetsu in this form.

Superior Rank 4 Empowerment: After consuming the tree created by Zohakuten, Genya had enough strength and speed to throw 3 trees in quick succession. In his battle against Kakushibo, the full extent of his demonization after eating some of the Upper Rank 4’s flesh shows that despite Kokushibo viciously splitting him in the stomach and cutting both of his arms, he still was not yet dead, showing that as a true demon, Genya could now only be killed by beheading.

Higher Rank Power Enhancement: After eating Kokushibo’s hair, Geni’s demonic abilities are further enhanced, as seen when he is able to reattach his severed body in seconds and is even able to intercept Muzan Kibutsudi’s telepathic link. After eating a piece of a top-rank flesh sword, Genya even began to take on some of the top-rank’s physical characteristics, such as eyes and hair. Later, the full extent of his enhanced demon abilities is revealed: even though he is split open and half of his head is cut in half, Genya is not only still alive and conscious but still possesses the necessary power to activate his Blood

Demon Art. However, dying from severe wounds, Genya, like a real demon, disintegrated into ashes.
Flesh Gun: Genya has demonstrated the ability to separate his cells and combine them with his gun, with the gun having the same characteristics as Kokushiba’s sword, including multiple eyes on the top of the barrel and a muzzle cut, which is believed to enhance it accuracy and power.

Repetitive Actions: A technique taught to him by Gyomei Himejima to help him compensate for his lack of talent and ability to use breathing styles. This technique mainly focuses on getting Genya to repeat a set of words or phrases, which helps him focus properly on the task at hand, keep his mind clear and block out the pain. Geni, repeats a set of Amida Sutra prayers to help him focus and steady his mind, as seen when he used this technique to focus his mind after being mortally wounded in a fight with a clone of Hantengu Aisetsu and to some extent repeated effects Breathing with full concentration.

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