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Character Information.

Hantengu is a small, fragile man with a skeletally thin frame, veins all over it, and wrinkles all over him. He normally stands hunched over. His two curled horns and a conspicuous bulge on top of his head are his most distinctive features.

He has a small, pointed chin, a perpetual look of horror and fear on his face, and a pronounced forehead ridge without eyebrows. His eyes are small, without any discernible pupils, and frequently seem to be squinting. Hantengu’s tongue is inscribed with the characters meaning “fear” as well.

His black, shoulder-length hair is waved and has a low hairline; it only protrudes from the back of his head and his ears, which are also longer and sharper than those of a typical person.

The persona of Hantengu’s basic form is one of intense cowardice and anxiety. He exhibits paranoid, terrified, and delusional characteristics and is easily alarmed by what has happened around him. Even the smallest details, like the fact that 113 years had passed since the previous gathering of the Upper Ranks, cause him to always scream in terror. Furthermore, Hantengu spent the most of the conference sobbing and trembling in dread of everything around him. He consistently prefers to crawl up instead of going up straight, which is a very telling sign of his acute paranoia. Hantengu shown severe cowardice and fear even when engaged in fight, sobbing when Muichiro Tokito sliced him and fleeing from him.

Overall Capabilities: Hantengu is a very potent demon and has the fourth-highest title among the Twelve Kizuki. He was able to manifest his emotions into four clones using his Blood Demon Art, each of which had the strength of an Upper Rank demon. They were able to withstand and outnumber Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya’s combined efforts, who were all strong and skilled Demon Slayers. Hantengu, according to Genya, was exceptionally challenging to destroy since the Demon Slayers would have to enga

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