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Character/Scene Info.

She wears a light pink kimono with an asanoha (hemp leaf) design, the coating a paler pink, got by a red and white-checkered hanhaba obi with an orange-strung obijime and a green obiage. She wears a long, dark-brown haori that reaches her calves, a pair of pink-strapped zri, and white tabi socks that are wrapped in thick black material that looks like kyahan. Nezuko likewise wears a little pink lace on the passed on side of her head to keep her hair out of her face, alongside the bamboo gag Giyu Tomioka gave her, which is protected around her jaw with a portion of red fabric.

When Nezuko fights Daki in her awakened state, she has a larger, taller, and curvier body as well as longer hair that reaches her feet. She loses her bamboo gag and footwear, as well as the sleeves of her haori and kimono. She develops vein-like patterns in her forehead near her horn, as well as a short white horn on the right side of her forehead with an irregular crack pattern. She has vein-like example shows up around her left eye, yet her most striking new component is the red and green plant like example that covers her skin, orbiting around her arms, legs, and chest.

Overall Capabilities: Nezuko is an extremely potent demon even if she is not one of the Twelve Kizuki. Her fastest development rate is maybe a result of the large amount of blood Muzan Kibutsuji gave her when he transformed Nezuko into a demon and the fact that she is not dependent on human blood to exist. This was seen in several bouts during the course of the series where she was able to win despite being initially outmatched by her adversaries. She has demonstrated the ability to beat her foes by strengthening her physical prowess, improving her regeneration, or, in emergency cases, creating her own Blood Demon Art.

Pyrokinesis: Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art enables her to produce and control unique demonic flames that are pinkish in hue and made from her blood. Her flames possess a unique quality that renders them fully safe to humans and other things while only being detrimental to demons and objects of demon origins. This was demonstrated by the fact that while Tanjiro and the Mugen Train were unaffected by her fire, it was able to burn the threads of Rui, the dream spell of Enmu, Daki’s body, the emotion manifestations of Hantengu, and Genya Shinazugawa who had swallowed demons. As demonstrated by Daki, whose sustained burns took far longer to heal than conventional wounds, it has also been noticed that these fires of purifying somewhat hinder the regeneration of demons.

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