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Character Info

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the few remaining members of the Uchiha clan in Konohagakure. His older brother, Itachi, killed their clan, which led Sasuke to vow revenge against him. He joins Team 7 to develop his ninja skills and compete with his friend Naruto Uzumaki. However, Sasuke becomes dissatisfied with his progress and defects from Konoha to seek more power to fulfill his revenge. His quest for vengeance leads him down a path of increasingly irrational and demanding actions, isolating him from others and resulting in his being labeled an international criminal. After discovering the truth about his brother’s sacrifice and playing a crucial role in ending the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke is redeemed by Naruto and decides to return to Konoha. He dedicates his life to protecting the village and its inhabitants and becomes known as the “Supporting Kage,” a title meaning “Supporting Shadow.”

Sasuke is the younger son of Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha. He was named after a legendary shinobi, Sasuke Sarutobi, with the hope that he would become as strong. Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother Itachi, who was a prodigy that everyone compared Sasuke to. Sasuke looked up to Itachi and enjoyed spending time with him, even though Itachi didn’t teach him anything. In the Konoha Ninja Academy, Sasuke was a standout student who always got top grades, but he still couldn’t live up to the expectations set by Itachi. Sasuke’s father, Fugaku, neglected him because he believed that Sasuke could never be as great as Itachi. Itachi, realizing this, tried to make up for their father’s neglect by giving Sasuke the recognition he deserved. Eventually, Itachi became distant and cold towards their family, causing a rift within the Uchiha clan. Sasuke didn’t understand why this was happening, but he was happy that his father started taking an interest in his development. Fugaku taught Sasuke the Great Fireball Technique, which he mastered in a week. Although Fugaku was proud of Sasuke, he didn’t want him to follow in Itachi’s footsteps.

Sasuke was a cheerful child who wanted to live up to the expectations of his Uchiha clan. He had a deep connection with his older brother, Itachi, who he admired and loved spending time with. However, Sasuke’s life changed dramatically when Itachi killed the rest of their family and revealed that he never cared for Sasuke. Devastated and seeking revenge, Sasuke became distant, rejecting Itachi’s guidance on how to obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan, and instead focusing solely on his goal of avenging his family.

Sasuke became cold towards others and arrogant, only acknowledging those who he perceived as stronger and disregarding those he deemed weaker. Despite initially experiencing the strength of teamwork on his missions with Team 7, Sasuke ultimately decided to abandon his village and teammates in his pursuit of power. This decision was influenced by the manipulations of Orochimaru and his humiliating defeat at the hands of Itachi.

Although Kakashi tried to make Sasuke see the contradiction in his pursuit of power, Sasuke remained committed to his path of revenge.

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