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Character info

According to Tanjiro, Nezuko is a renowned beauty in her hometown. She has fair skin and long dark brown hair that falls just below her waist. The hair at her elbows gradually turns vermilion in color. She ties her bangs together with a pink ribbon, revealing her forehead. Her face is framed by slanted downward, wide narrow eyebrows. Her long eyelashes cover her soft-looking pink eyes, which become lighter around the rims of the irises. Her petite nose has a slightly upturned appearance at the tip.

Nezuko usually wears a bamboo gag secured by red cloth around her jaw, given to her by Giyu Tomioka. She wears a Sakura-colored kimono with a geometric triangle design, held in place by a checker-patterned red and white obi that is embraced by an orange thread looped above her waist. She also wears a long dark brown haori that extends past her knees, straw zori sandals, and white socks wrapped with thick dark brown bands.

When she transforms, Nezuko’s pupils become narrow slits, and she grows prominent fangs and sharp nails that extend like claws. In her berserk-like Demon form, she gains tattoos shaped like vines around her body. Her veins pop out, and a single horn protrudes from the side of her right forehead. She also appears as a young adult when in this form.

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