Gabimaru Twixtor clips Episode 4

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Character info

Gabimaru, an assassin from Iwagakure, is recognised for his remarkable powers and is also known as Gabimaru the Hollow. He is married to Yui and the chief of Iwagakure’s son-in-law. Gabimaru’s calm demeanour helps him to stay tranquil even in the face of peril, while being depicted as emotionless. He is frequently unmoved by crisis situations, such as being executed or assaulted by formidable adversaries. However, once he calms down, he begins to complain, as Sagiri observes.

Gabimaru wants to concentrate on his core aim and avoids becoming engaged in anything extraneous to it. Despite Sagiri’s dislike for him, he may be courteous and nice at times.

Gabimaru, although pretending to have no attachment to life, has a strong resolve to survive and is opposed to the concept of dying. By tightening the muscles on his neck and resisting bulls with the power of his legs, he has survived many execution procedures, including beheading. He also has a great heat tolerance, making him immune to being scorched or boiling. Because of his Tao’s fire component, his Ninjutsu mostly comprises of flame-related techniques.

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