Sanji Ifrit Jambe Twixtor Clips for Editing (One Piece)

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Character Info

Sanji, a former assistant chef at the ocean-going Restaurant Baratie, has a habit of using obscene language, but his cooking talents are excellent. His ultimate ambition is to find the All Blue, a fabled sea filled with seafood items from all around the world.

Sanji, as the ship’s cook, can prepare complex dinners for robust eaters like Luffy, as well as more sophisticated delicacies for the female crew members. He enjoys learning about exotic ingredients and meals, as well as honing his culinary skills. He’s also a skilled fighter, using the kick-based combat style taught to him by his master, Red-Leg Zeff.

Sanji is stubborn in his conflicts with men, yet vulnerable to women. His quick thinking and ingenuity have saved the team several times. While Sanji excels in mid-air combat, he also excels at high-speed close-range combat. His aerial combinations are very powerful, but they need meticulous planning and serve specialised reasons.

His combat range is restricted due to his lack of long-range attacks, and he will suffer in confrontations against big groups or sniper-type foes. His most successful approach, though, is to pull in numerous adversaries with ground combinations before hurling them upward for significant aerial damage.

Sanji may also use Sky Walk in addition to Full-Force Burst to increase his power.

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