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Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi is known for his abrasive, hot-blooded, rash, and stubborn personality, often acting impulsively and lashing out easily. He tends to be indifferent towards others and can quickly become angry. However, he does display reverence towards Kagaya Ubuyashiki after realizing the man’s true nature. Sanemi also has a strong desire for battle and enjoys fighting Upper Rank demons, particularly Kokushibo.

Sanemi’s cold, rude, and dismissive behavior stems from the loss of many people he cared about in the past. Despite this, when he sees those who have passed, such as his mother, he can’t help but smile at the opportunity to see them again. When his brother Genya joins the Demon Slayers in search of him, Sanemi repeatedly dismisses and lashes out at him, but Tanjiro Kamado can sense that Sanemi still loves his brother deep down. However, Sanemi tries to push Genya away from him and the Demon Slayers to keep him safe.

Sanemi harbors a deep hatred towards demons due to the people he has lost to them and believes that humans and demons can never coexist. He is extremely difficult to dissuade once he has made up his mind about something. He initially refuses to believe that Nezuko Kamado won’t eat humans, even going so far as to stab through the box she is in to prove his point. He even tries to provoke her into attacking him by slashing his own arm due to the effect of his rare blood. However, after Kagaya uses this as proof that Nezuko won’t attack humans, Sanemi begins to soften towards her and even shows a more compassionate side towards her later on.

Genya Shinazugawa

At first, Genya was rude and bad-tempered, preferring to be alone and not bothering to be polite. During Final Selection, he even treated Kanata Ubuyashiki roughly. His behavior was similar to that of his older brother, Sanemi. However, during the battle against Hantengu, an Upper Rank demon, Genya learned to work with others, including Tanjiro Kamado and his friends. He became more sociable and less ill-mannered over time. Genya was also confident in battle, even when facing Aizetsu, who had already stabbed him. Despite Sanemi’s rejection of him, Genya still did his best to help his allies. He held no grudges against his brother, which was supported by Tanjiro and eventually Sanemi himself.

The character Sanemi Shinazugawa is the older brother and only surviving sibling of Genya, with whom he initially had a good relationship while working together to assist their mother. However, after a demon attack that killed the rest of their family, Genya accused Sanemi of being a murderer, causing their relationship to deteriorate. Despite this, Sanemi still cared deeply for his younger brother and wanted him to have a normal life without the threat of demons. During a battle with Kokushibo, Genya was moved to tears by Sanemi’s reasoning and apologized for his rudeness. After another battle, Genya apologized again for blaming Sanemi and thanked him for protecting him before dying and leaving Sanemi grieving.

Tanjiro Kamado’s first interaction with Genya occurred when he stopped him from mistreating Kanata Ubuyashiki. At first, Genya saw Tanjiro as an annoying pest, but throughout their fight with Hantengu, he started to befriend him and gain respect for him. Tanjiro also tried to improve Genya’s relationship with Sanemi, although this earned him criticism from higher-ups. Genya later taught Tanjiro how to perform repetitive actions during Gyomei’s Hashira training, and Tanjiro was saddened by Genya’s passing.

Gyomei Himejima took Genya in as a “stepson” and rescued him when he went out of control after eating a demon. Despite Genya’s lack of talent and bad temper, he got along well with Gyomei, who appreciated his honesty and willpower.

Genya did not interact with Inosuke Hashibira often but generally respected his friends after befriending Tanjiro. However, in the manga, Inosuke mocked Genya for not being able to perform breathing styles, leading to a fight between them.

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