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Akane, a girl with purplish hair and blue highlights, was not particularly noticeable to LoveNow’s audience before her controversy. There was a sense that neither her personality nor her looks stood out. However, after overcoming the controversy, she adopted a look similar to Ai Hoshino, including the iconic stars in her eyes and facial expressions. She grew out her hair as a symbol of her new style and determination to move on from the past. Previously, she had a hairstyle similar to her childhood one, but she decided to change it to resemble her idol Kana Arima, and it was so effective that even Kana’s staff and fans were fooled by the resemblance.

Akane, the protagonist of a reality dating show called LoveNow, faced criticism from the audience due to her shy and introverted nature. The backlash and death threats she received made her reclusive and even pushed her to the brink of suicide. However, when she decided to return to the show, her friend Aqua suggested that she adopt a different persona to protect herself from future incidents. Akane took on the personality of Ai Hoshino, who was Aqua’s ideal woman, as a way to thank him for saving her life and reputation.

Akane is a diligent person who was able to study and replicate Ai’s mannerisms, speech patterns, and thought processes. She even bewitched Aqua and others into thinking of her as Ai. When asked about her feelings for Aqua, Akane admitted that she was open to the idea of dating him if he felt the same way. However, she began to question her romantic feelings for him when she couldn’t confidently answer his question about whether she loved him or not.

Apart from being a good cook, Akane has both a serious and fun side to her personality. She also knows what it’s like to feel alone and isolated due to cyberbullying and harassment. When Aqua suffered from severe PTSD, she comforted him and promised to always be by his side, even sharing his pain with him.

Akane is astute and empathetic, as evidenced by her ability to piece together details about Aqua’s past and deduce his relationship with his late mother. She even supported his desire to get close to and kill someone in the industry, promising to help him shoulder the guilt. Aqua was amazed by Akane’s commitment to their relationship and called her “out of her mind.”

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