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Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is a young man with an athletic build and tanned skin. He has black hair with burgundy tips and dark red eyes with white pupils. He has a scar on his forehead that looks like a flame-like pattern, which he received during Final Selection. Tanjiro’s hands are rough from his rigorous training under Sakonji Urokodaki. He bears a striking resemblance to his ancestor Sumiyoshi in terms of facial structure, eyes, and hairstyle. Tanjiro wears a checkered black-and-sea-foam-green haori over a white robe and black pants, along with hanafuda earrings and white bands around his calves. During Final Selection, he wears a blue kimono similar to his mentor’s outfit and a fox mask crafted by Sakonji. After becoming a Demon Slayer, he wears the standard uniform and carries a wooden box on his back where his sister sleeps. During his battle with Muzan Kibutsuji, Tanjiro is injured and later turned into a demon. He gains new features such as slit pupils, fangs, and flame-shaped marks on his forehead and jaw. After returning to human form, he loses vision in his right eye and has a withered left arm.

Tanjiro is known for his kind and compassionate nature, with gentle eyes that reflect his personality. He is a determined individual who does not give up easily, as evidenced by his relentless pursuit to find a cure for his sister Nezuko. Although he is strong on his own, he is not afraid to seek help when necessary. Tanjiro is fiercely protective of his friends, especially his younger sister. However, he has a low tolerance for rudeness and cowardice, becoming easily annoyed by Zenitsu’s constant whining and angered by Inosuke’s barbaric behavior.

Tanjiro is a direct and honest person, taking people’s words seriously and with sincerity. He struggles with lying, as his honest nature clashes with insincerity. Growing up in the countryside, Tanjiro has little experience with city life. During his missions to Asakusa and Yoshiwara, he was fascinated by the bright lights of the cities. He also has a naive side, believing that the Mugen train might be the guardian spirit of the land and not understanding what a red-light district is, much like Inosuke.

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