Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Trailer Twixtor clips | Toji, Gojo, Geto

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Toji Fushiguro

Toji, a man with a tall and muscular build, sports mid-length straight black hair that falls to his ears. His eyes are green, similar to his son’s, and he has thin black eyebrows and a scar on the corner of his right lip. In his everyday wear, Toji prefers a simple outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants, accompanied by sandals. However, during combat, Toji opts for a tight-fitting short-sleeved shirt, sports tan baggy training pants with a black belt weaved through the waist, and black martial arts slippers. During his time with the Zenin family, Toji would wear a dark-colored haori over a black yukata.

Toji is a composed and self-assured man, earning a living through his abilities and not getting worked up over minor issues. He seems to enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations with others, as long as the topic relates to him in some way, and can exchange clever banter with sarcastic individuals like Satoru Gojo. During combat, Toji has a wild expression that suggests he is caught up in the excitement of the fight, but he remains level-headed and calculating, always planning his next move. Toji is known as the “Sorcerer Killer,” an assassin who gambles between jobs for questionable clients. He married a woman but quickly abandoned her, leaving behind their newborn child without even knowing the baby’s gender. Toji even intended to sell his child, Megumi, to the Zenin family he had abandoned, exploiting Megumi’s inherited cursed technique.

Toji, a non-sorcerer from the Zenin family, suffered due to the sorcerer clans’ interests, much like Maki Zenin. He despised the jujutsu world and sought to spite it through his evil actions. Despite being born without cursed energy, he left the Zenin family and took on his wife’s name, Fushiguro. Toji sold his son, Megumi, to the Zenin family, believing in his potential to become a sorcerer. In his final mission for the Time Vessel Association, Toji faced Satoru Gojo and chose to fight him out of pride and disdain for the jujutsu world. This ultimately cost him his life as he ignored his instincts during the fight. In his last moments, Toji thought of his ex-wife and son and revealed to Satoru that Megumi would be sold into the Zenin family in a few years. This led to Satoru becoming Megumi’s mentor and granting him an opportunity to work as a jujutsu sorcerer.

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