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Zohakuten, also known as “Hatred,” is a short and muscular child with spiky hair and narrow orange eyes that have the words “Upper Rank” and “Four” engraved on them. He is often seen with an angry expression, similar to Sekido. Zohakuten’s attire appears to be a combination of clothing worn by Sekido, Karaku, Aizetsu, and Urogi. He wears black hakama pants with a cloth resembling Sekido’s kimono and tied together with a white strap. His long sleeves are reminiscent of Aizetsu’s kimono, and he wears a gold chest plate as armor. Zohakuten carries a series of drums on his back, each with the kanji for “hatred” displayed on them. He also has a bone-like dagger in each hand. Zohakuten, who was a manifestation of Hantengu’s hatred, had many personality traits similar to Sekido. He was easily provoked and held a strong grudge against his enemies, whom he considered “evil” for mistreating the weak and innocent Hantengu. Like Sekido, he frequently used abusive language towards his opponents and insulted Mitsuri by calling her derogatory names in his thoughts. Zohakuten was also fiercely loyal to Muzan and claimed to follow only his orders. Among all the clones, he displayed the highest level of intelligence and insight, along with Sekido. Zohakuten quickly analyzed why the Love Hashira survived his attacks and identified the true source of her strength. He was also willing to acknowledge his own weaknesses and decided that the most effective way to defeat Mitsuri was to wear her down through relentless attacks, after observing her ability to dodge and counter his Blood Demon Arts.

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