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Asta is a young man who is short in height but has an impressive muscular physique. He has green eyes and untidy ash blond hair with bangs in the front and a single strand sticking up from the center of his head. He keeps his hair in place with a black headband that bears the gold-colored Black Bull emblem and a red-colored four-pointed star with three stitches on the back. Asta has several scars all over his body from his intense physical training, including a large one on his abdomen where he was pierced by one of Mars’s Harpes and another running from his right shoulder to his left hip from Lucius Zogratis’s almost fatal attack.

Asta’s typical attire consists of a plain white tunic with a V-neck collar under a dark blue jacket with sleeves that extend only to his elbows. He wears matching shorts with stitch marks on the left side, and his pants extend just below his knees. His shoes are made of two different fabrics, with the parts covering his ankles the same color as his jacket and pants, while the parts covering his toes are white with a vertical stitch mark going from the bridge to his toes.

After receiving his grimoire, Asta wears a pouch strapped to a brown leather belt. As a member of the Black Bull squad, he also wears their signature black robe with gold trimming that covers the upper half of his torso. The robe has a hood and a gold-colored button on the right-hand side to keep it together, while the left-hand side displays the squad’s emblem.

Following six months of training in the Heart Kingdom, Asta has become even more muscular and now wears a black, tight-fitting shirt that covers his shoulders, upper arms, and part of his chest. The shirt is open in the middle and has a gold clover on the right side. He also wears a modified version of his squad’s signature robe draped over his left shoulder and attached by a red cord that wraps around his neck. His headband now has three red-colored, four-pointed stars on the front right side, and the Black Bull emblem on the left. Asta completes his outfit with a pair of black, high-waisted pants tucked into knee-high boots and a large, brown, double-pronged belt from which hangs his grimoire pouch.

After making a deal with Liebe, Asta’s right arm is permanently corrupted. His arm is black with blood-red cragged markings, while his fingers are blood red with black cragged markings and black fingernails. Once he forges an equal contract with Liebe, a dark-colored marking appears around his left wrist consisting of two thin, spiked lines with demonic lettering between them.

In his Black Asta form, Asta’s right arm is covered in black Anti Magic, and a black wing sprouts from his right shoulder. A black horn also sprouts from the right side of his head, and his upper right canine tooth elongates. His right eye turns red with the pupil becoming slit-like. As he draws on more Anti Magic, more of his body is covered, additional horns form on his head, his lower right canine tooth elongates, and his right hand and foot transform into claws. A smaller wing sprouts from his left shoulder, and a tail grows from his back.

After arriving in Hino Country, Asta wears a light-colored kimono tied with a dark-colored obi. When touring a town, he wears a plain haori tied in front, light-colored socks, and sandals. For Zetten training and fighting, Asta dons a pair of dark-colored hakama.

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