Yoriichi Tsugikuni Twixtor Clips (Demon Slayer)

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Yoriichi was a composed and courteous individual who maintained a serious and restrained countenance at all times, seldom exhibiting any outbursts of emotion. He generally had a calm and tranquil demeanor, even when dispatching demons without any change in expression or when Muzan was taken aback by his exceptional skills due to his unassuming appearance. Due to his gentle nature and unchanging facial expression, it was difficult for most people to discern his emotions, except for his wife Uta who could read him effortlessly. Yoriichi was also extremely modest, viewing himself as an ordinary man with no special qualities, despite his extraordinary abilities. For instance, he felt somewhat embarrassed after performing the Sun Breathing’s forms for Suyako at her request. Yoriichi’s brother also noted that he always had faith in the future and believed that a generation would emerge that would surpass their own, despite the immense power of the Demon Slayers after they started using Breathing Styles.

Although Yoriichi mostly appeared indifferent, he experienced emotions like any other person. He mourned the loss of Uta and their unborn child for ten consecutive days and was moved to tears when he saw Sumire’s happiness at being lifted up. He also expressed gratitude to Sumiyoshi after his friend assured him that his life was not worthless and promised to preserve his Sun Breathing forms through his descendants. Additionally, Yoriichi was very compassionate, as evidenced by his decision to assist an old man he met on his way to fetch a midwife for the birth of his child, even though he was in a hurry.

Yoriichi is considered the most powerful Demon Slayer in history, possessing the Demon Slayer Mark, access to the Transparent World, and Selfless State. He also has exceptional physical abilities and innate swordsmanship talent. Even as a seven-year-old child who had never held a sword before, he was able to effortlessly defeat a trained sword instructor, earning him the title of a miraculous prodigy. After training as a Demon Slayer, he was able to defeat multiple demons, surpassing his older brother’s abilities. Yoriichi was the only member of the Demon Slayer Corps who was able to corner Muzan Kibutsuji and almost kill him. Muzan was deeply scarred by the encounter and referred to Yoriichi as a monster. Even memories of Yoriichi caused other demons to tremble. Before his death at the age of at least 85 years, Yoriichi battled his older twin brother, Kokushibo, who had turned into a demon. Despite his advanced age, Yoriichi quickly gained the upper hand in the battle and killed Kokushibo with a single move before dying himself. Yoriichi is also the progenitor of the Demon Slayer Mark and possessed its tremendous physical abilities throughout his life. He was able to defy fate and live for about 85 years, unlike all other Mark bearers who must train to attain it. The reason why Yoriichi is immune to the Mark’s effects is currently unknown, but it is presumed to be because he was born with it naturally as the first ever Mark bearer.

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