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Goku shares a noticeable resemblance with his father, sporting the same spiky black hair, dark eyes, and facial features. However, his eyes are gentler, his personality is kinder, and his skin tone is lighter due to his mother’s heritage. Goku’s most recognizable feature is his hair, which comprises three bangs on the right and two on the left, with four spikes in the front and three bangs in the back. His prehensile tail was removed and regrown several times during his childhood but was permanently removed during his late teens to prevent his Great Ape transformation.

At the age of 12, Goku was small and looked younger than his actual age, with a simple-minded personality that made people assume he was much younger. Over the following years, he didn’t experience any significant physical changes, except for more defined muscles. By the time he turned 15, he started growing taller, and at 18, he underwent a considerable growth spurt and developed a well-built physique. He is considered quite attractive by various women, including Bulma and Heles. Despite these changes, he remained easily recognizable due to his innocent demeanor and signature hairstyle. When he reached the age of 25, he had another growth spurt and became similar in height to his taller human allies, with much more muscle.

Goku is frequently seen wearing a Gi due to his love of training. Initially, he wore an open blue gi with a white bow-tied obi over his waist, red wristbands, and dark blue kung fu shoes, as well as a tank top. After training under Master Roshi, he switched to the basic Turtle School Uniform, which consisted of a closed red gi secured by a black knot-tied obi over his waist, blue wristbands, and blue kung fu shoes with Roshi’s kanji on the back and front-left side of his shirt. After training with Kami and Mr. Popo, he added a black short-sleeved undershirt to this gi and replaced his shoes with dark blue boots with a yellow border and red laces. Following his training under King Kai, he wore King Kai’s kanji on the back of his gi shirt. During the Battle on Planet Namek, he wore his own kanji on both sides of his gi shirt. During the Android conflict and Majin Buu conflict, he wore a simpler version of this gi that lacked any kanji and featured a blue sash-style obi over his waist, as well as the same dark blue undershirt, same wristbands and the same boots from his previous gi but with a red border and yellow/tan laces. He later retained this outfit throughout most of Dragon Ball Super while also regaining his own kanji on both sides of his gi shirt.

During his early training under Whis, Goku donned an orange traditional and loose gi with Whis’ kanji on the front-left of his shirt that was fastened together with a blue obi tied in a knot at the left of his waist. He also wore blue wristbands that covered almost all of his forearms and blue boots that clasped together on the front of his shins.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku went back to wearing a knot-style obi with his regular uniform and “Go” kanji (essentially regaining his Frieza Saga appearance). His shoes were also rounder at the bottom and had gray soles. In addition to cope with the wintery climate he was in, he also wore a long blue snow jacket with a high turtleneck, white stripes down his shoulders and arms, and bold purple letters of “SAB” over the front-left side of it. It also had black gloves. In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Goku was given the emblem of the Galactic Patrol in place of his own on the front of his uniform and also switched back to wearing a sash-style obi. In the Granolah the Survivor Saga, Goku regained Whis’ kanji on his standard gi when the angel trains him in honing.

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